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Recommended Reading for Intranet Professionals – somewhen End of 2008 ;-)

Published Januar 9, 2009 by Stephan Schillerwein

Ok, this is for archive reasons more than anything else – I’m really way behind my ‚reading schedule‘ and so is this compilation of things that I found worth looking at is as well…

Updated Animation of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Information Access
New Idea Engineering wondered what sorts of trends could be gleened from these reports, so we set out to animate the Gartner quadrant a couple of years ago

The Business Impacts of Social Networking
Social networking fosters collective intelligence, collaborative work and support communities. Tools and behaviors from the consumer world are now making the transition to the corporate world, with diverse implications for changing the way businesses operate. This paper explores 10 opportunities presented by social networking, along with 10 associated challenges.

Taking the ’social‘ out of Social Media – Social Tools in a Business Context
Presentation from Richard Dennision, BT at boye08

Creating strategic change
The conventional approach to change has ten structural weaknesses

Improving employee involvement on the intranet
One of the weakest areas within communication and culture is how effective the intranet is at making employees feel informed about what’s going on and that they can contribute to the organisation

Corporate Social Media Policies and Guidelines
Social Media & Blogging Guidelines Examples on the Web

5 Reasons Gen Y is Unprepared to Survive Recession, Layoffs
The current economic crisis may be the best test yet of Generation Y’s ability to survive. After all, this generation, which has been coddled by parents and educators, isn’t known for its coping skills.

Is it worth asking people what they want on your intranet?
When you go to the doctors does he ask you what drugs you want? Do you tell the tv repair shop just how to fix your tv?

Content Value Analysis for Intranets Part 2 – A methodology
When trying to tell an intranet manager or a content owner the hard truth (e.g. their content sucks) it can sometimes result in a ‘ yes it does – no it doesn’t ‘ sort of debate that usually goes nowhere.

Creating a new intranet: funnelling down to a solution
We start with a vague idea: “hey, let’s have an intranet!”. With no clear picture of what that means, our goal is now to “funnel” down to a concrete project plan. At each step, our activities should refine down what we are doing (and why).

Collaboration framework
a simple process reminding us that in business we must collaborate with a purpose, starting with business needs and resulting in outcomes

Should you have a Web 2.0 Strategy?
It set me wondering if an organisation have such a thing as a separate Web 2.0 strategy – in the sense of an agreed roadmap for the next few years?

Some recurring patterns in Intranet Strategy and Governance
This includes alignment with business strategy, senior sponsorship, enforcement of controls and risk management. In this post I thought I’d summarise some of the themes that seem to keep coming up:

Are your users always right?
However, this doesn’t mean you always get good advice by listening to what users say.

Web content management matures
“Vendor consolidation has fallen (slowed)… functions such as workflow, ease of use and multi-site management are no longer differentiating factors; they are the norm.”

SharePoint overview (pros & cons, MOSS)
“MOSS is very good for very good in smaller, workgroup environments,” says Alan Pelz-Sharpe, analyst, CMS Watch and his presentation on Evaluating SharePoint. “It’s not traditionally very good for 5,000 or 10,000 concurrent users.”

What the experts say about SharePoint (MOSS)
“SharePoint is good at a number of things,” says one SharePoint expert, addressing a group of SharePoint users and followers here in Aarhus. “But it’s bad at just as many.”

Intranet scent: best links are 7-12 words
“The 3-click rule: it’s complete crap!” says usability guru, Jared Spool, addressing the jboye08 conference in Denmark. “In fact, the evidence suggest the opposite. If you have hundreds of thousands of pages, it’s impossible to adhere to this rule… you can have 30 or 40 clicks if each click is progressively more relevant.”

Die wichtigsten Tipps für einen guten Online-Text
An dieser Stelle will die wichtigsten zusammen tragen, damit Sie sich schnell einen Überblick über das Thema verschaffen können.

Research on the Use of Social Software in the Workplace (PDF)
Shortly after launching Beehive we conducted a usage
analysis of the first several hundred early adopters and
found evidence of relationship building and ‘people
sensemaking’ throughout the site

Agile Development Projects and Usability
Agile methods aim to overcome usability barriers in traditional development, but pose new threats to user experience quality. By modifying Agile approaches, however, many companies have realized the benefits without the pain.

How Do You Define a „Failed Search“ ?
But what makes up a successful search? And what are the clues that a search was a „failed search“.


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