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7 key messages Intranet Managers took away from Swiss Intranet Summit

Published Oktober 18, 2010 by Stephan Schillerwein

The 3rd Swiss Intranet Summit took place two weeks ago in Zurich. After the two conference days I asked the participants in a final interactive round what the key take-aways for them were:

  • A transition from an „Intranet“ to a „Digital Workplace“ has to happen along 4 dimensions: Community & Collaboration, Communication & Information, Intranet Services and Structure (acc. to IBF’s Digital Workplace Maturity Model)
  • The Intranet Manager is mainly a „Self Service Manager“ (enabling people to do things, seeing to people getting served, …)
  • The importance of a good balance between (classical) requirements analysis and workplace observation in order to discover the real needs of employees
  • The importance of the factor „speed“ in getting to information
  • That ownership is a key success factors for internal use of Social Media
  • That user’s and stakeholder’s expectations have to be actively managed
  • That a task-based approach is a pre-requisite to really supporting employees in what they are doing day by day

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