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Digital Transformation of Work

A Digital Workplace, unlike traditional Intranets and isolated Social Collaboration platforms, can no longer focus on channels, features and the like, but has to center on the question how work is supposed to be like today and in the future.

With that question answered, digital technologies and agile approaches can enable new business potentials in order to thrive in an ever more competitive, connected and unpredictable world. We are happy to accompany you on that journey with our expertise.

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Digital Transformation of Work

March 18, 2016

Short article by Stephan Schillerwein in the Swiss ALPHA career magazine about the digital transformation of work as a foundation to increase business success and employee engagement. Synopsis: Digitalisation is often perceived as being mainly an outward-facing activity. But real customer orientation in the digital age is only possible for organisations that have digitally transformed …

No two Intranet projects are the same – Interview for „Springer for Professionals“

March 4, 2015

In this interview, five questions about the real value that Intranets deliver, the ideal approach to running an Intranet project, the gap between Intranets and culture, “social” as an Intranet hype and about whether the German speaking countries lag behind when it comes to Intranets are answered by the three authors of a new (German) …

Intranets and internal Brand Management

October 9, 2014

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Intranet Change Management – just Communication doesn’t create Trust

June 24, 2014

Many Intranet projects and Digital Workplace initiatives still treat Change Management as a bunch of communication activities. And while communications sure is an important pillar within any change management program, it’s really just that: one pillar among several others.

Selecting an Intranet-Software: like buying a family car …

May 20, 2014

With an ever expanding functional scope of Intranets and Digital Workplaces, the evaluation and selection of the right system becomes more and more time-consuming and complex. Gone are the days when all you had to do was to choose your favourite from just one category of matching systems and when you could be sure that …