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Digital Transformation of Work

Published March 18, 2016 by Stephan Schillerwein

Short article by Stephan Schillerwein in the Swiss ALPHA career magazine about the digital transformation of work as a foundation to increase business success and employee engagement.


Digitalisation is often perceived as being mainly an outward-facing activity. But real customer orientation in the digital age is only possible for organisations that have digitally transformed themselves in the first place. Unless this happens, the full potential of the digital business transformation cannot be reaped. Transforming work therefore is a crucial step towards success in the new digital paradigm.

Link to the article (in German):

Die digitale Transformation der Arbeit (PDF)

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  1. Lieber Stephan,

    vielen Dank für diesen Blogpost und dass du den Artikel aus dem ALPHA geteilt hast.

    Die digitale Transformation der Arbeit ist auch für mich (ich arbeite für einen Intranet Provider) ein sehr aktuelles Thema und ich nehme jede Möglichkeit gerne wahr, um up to date zu bleiben. 🙂


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