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Recommended Reading for Intranet Professionals – Week 33/2008

Published August 16, 2008 by Stephan Schillerwein

10 Best Application UIs of 2008
“Many winners employ dashboards to give users a single overview of complex information and use lightboxes to ensure that users notice dialogs. Also, the Office 2007 ribbon showed surprisingly strong early adoption.”

An evaluation of build versus buy decisions for portal solutions
“This IDC white paper presents the results of an IDC study, sponsored by IBM, that
quantifies and compares the total cost of ownership (TCO) of in-house portal
development with that of portals developed with IBM WebSphere Portal.”

Web 2.0: Companies Gain Competitive Edge with Social Networking Tools
“Facebook-like apps and social networking tools are enabling companies to encourage innovation, create flexible work arrangements, establish virtual teams, bring new employees up to speed, improve collaboration, increase retention among people who hadn’t felt a strong sense of belonging, and more.”

Enterprise Search Dead? Or just misunderstood?
“These methodologies both provide the kind of enterprise-wide search that has eluded us for so long in the old model: search once, find everywhere.”

Highlights from Intranet Week 2008
“Some of the main themes of the two-days of main conference presentations included…”

Niche Cooking for Intranet Success
“Did we just cook generic food in an attempt to satisfy a wide range of people? Or did we cook a specialty food that directly targeted a particular group of enthusiasts? The word that spreads throughout the enterprise is based on this crucial experience. It will ultimately come down to either satisfying a small group of people who will become vocal advocates, or frustrating a large group of people with a mediocre experience and creating a stigma around the portal platform.”

Enterprise 2.0 : success comes from organizational approach
“First conclusion : bringing web 2.0 within the enteprise is not a fad but a heavy wide-range trend : internal, external, variois tools, wide perimeters of experiment. Second conclusion : promises are not as easy to be delivered than many thought.”

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