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A Focus on the Critical Steps in Digital Projects

From the experience of more than 100 projects in the areas of Digital Media and Information Management, we have identified the most critical project steps in regard to not only project success itself, but – even more importantly – to longer-term business value and user satisfaction of the digital solutions created, be it an Intranet, a Collaboration platform or a Digital Workplace.

Overview of the critical project steps in digital projects
Critical steps in the first phases of a Digital Project

Additional critical steps can be found in later project phases (e.g. conducting pilots and user enabling) and in the cross-phase work packages of a project (e.g. change management and communication).

Our offering

Executing projects in the online and information management space has become a key capability for organisations in the Digital Age that shouldn’t be left in the hands of external resources. We therefore don’t offer running projects from end-to-end. Instead, our focus is twofold:

  • enabling our clients to become proficient in digital projects themselves
  • supporting our clients in high impact project steps

Our services are available for all kinds of Digital Business projects, especially in the areas of:

Digital Workplace, (Social) Intranet, Collaboration, Enterprise 2.0, Knowledge Management, eCommunication

Building the Business Case

Many organisations (and often, sadly, their leaders) are yet to understand the full impact that Digital and Social Media is having on their business.
Our approach to creating a business case for your project will identify tangible business problems and potentials and help create awareness on a levels of the organisation.

Creating Vision and Strategy

A course of action driven by technology or market developments can still be found in most organisations. This of course, is a reactive approach that puts external factors in the driver’s seat instead of the unique capabilities and requirements of your own organisation. Finding out what your organisation really needs in an area as dynamic and fast paced as the Digital World is no small feat.
Our approach to creating vision and strategy for Digital Business will ensure awareness, commitment and results that reflect the best interest of the whole organisation.

Identifying Business Requirements

Asking users what they want from a new digital platform is a sure way to create a solution with low business value and acceptance problems. The seemingly easy task of identifying requirements is a rather challenging and sophisticated one when done right.
Our approach makes use of a broad spectrum of requirement techniques that will be tailored to your individual situation and culture.

Choosing the right technology (System Evaluation)

The market for software solutions for Digital Projects has never been as dynamic and confusing as today. Dozens of different categories with up to hundreds of vendors compete for your organisation’s budget. The bigger the investment, the more care needs to be taken in selecting the system that best matches your individual requirements.
Our approach to system evaluation not only helps you speed up this time-consuming process substantially, but also makes use of the best know-how available on the market for content technologies.

Enabling change

Today’s projects in the Digital Business space have tremendous impact on work practises, processes, culture and management. Lack of acceptance and resistance to adapt are the rule rather than the exception.
Our approach to user enablement and change management tackles the problem at its core: day-to-day work practises and organisational conditions that have direct negative influence on the new ways of working and doing business.


Whether on a “coaching on demand” basis, coaching for digital projects or as a regular trusted advisor in day-to-day business: our approach to coaching starts with where you stand today and is customized to your and your team’s individual requirements.

Are you ready for the next level in Smart Digital Business?

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